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VW Diesel exhaust scandal

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JUSTUS Rechtsanwälte quickly and successfully asserts your rights as a car owner in the VW Diesel exhaust scandal. We are active worldwide for you and have our offices in Berlin and Potsdam.

If you are affected by the exhaust scandal with your VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda or Porsche, you should act now. Because by threatening diesel driving prohibitions, loss of value of the vehicle and problems with the engine update you suffer a financial damage and damage the environment. Volkswagen persistently refuses to compensate customers for these risks in the exhaust scandal. In many cases, the limitation period for claims threatens to expire at the end of 2019.

FAQ: Questions and answers about the Audi Diesel exhaust scandal

What should affected car buyers do now?

According to current case law on comparable VW cases, the car buyers of the affected models can and should now declare their withdrawal from the purchase contract and demand a refund of the purchase price. This can be done by a quick and successful individual action. We have already been able to achieve numerous judgments in the VW cases.

Complaint for damages or sample determination proceedings?

In any case, we recommend a quick and effective action for damages against Volkswagen AG. Why can you find detailed information on our contribution to the sample declaratory judgement action.

What are the chances of success and what are the costs?

So far, we have won all our lawsuits against car manufacturers. Our clients receive a refund of the purchase price less the usual compensation for use.
The costs of the legal dispute will be borne by the opponent if the judgement is successful. Otherwise, we will settle with your legal expenses insurance or you will receive litigation financing.

When does the statute of limitations begin?

In our opinion, most claims for damages are not yet statute-barred. This is because the three-year period does not begin until the end of the year in which the person concerned has received the manufacturer’s recall letter – not before. Many did not receive mail until 2016, so that their claims do not expire until the end of 2019.
Therefore, before the end of 2019, they should commission an action, arbitration or legal negotiation by a specialist lawyer in the exhaust gas scandal.

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In the VW exhaust scandal, commission us without cost risk and on a contingency fee basis.

We offer you a free initial consultation and inquiry with your legal expenses insurance. Simply fill out our contact form or talk directly to a specialist lawyer. Your legal expenses insurance will cover the costs of judicial enforcement. You can also agree a contingency fee or the costs will be borne by a litigation cost financier.

Specialized attorneys in the VW exhaust gas scandal:

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